The Vine


Finish writing your masterpiece? Your submission is welcomed at Vine Publishing. We are always on the lookout for great, new literary projects. However, in order to maintain our standard of excellence, it is necessary for us to be selective. Each submitted manuscript is carefully reviewed keeping in mind our core values: Excellence, Authenticity, Doctrinal Accuracy, Kingdom Alignment. Upon the completion of the review process we will contact you to discuss our evaluation and your status. Our publishing process is as follows:


Submit your manuscript to us. Each submitted manuscript is carefully reviewed keeping in mind our standard of excellence, quality of content and our core values. We offer developmental editing to authors whose manuscript needs additional work to pass our review process. Your book is important to you and it's important to us.


Once your manuscript has passed the review process we will take care of every aspect of the publishing process to ensure that your book meets industry standards. You continue being great and do what you do best, while we take care of the design, editing, ebook conversion, copyright filing and everything needed to make your book available in the marketplace.


We will set up your book distribution and make sure that your book is available worldwide. In addition, depending on the distributor you choose, your book will be available to brick and mortar bookstores for ordering. Once the book has been released, you will have full control over distribution including book orders and returns.


Our all-inclusive plan includes support and guidance, marketing and promotion, creative control, a faster speed-to-market publishing process, the retention of ALL rights and ownership of your book, you KEEP 100% of your ROYALTY and 100% of your sales invoice. It's your book and you deserve it all! With your book available to the masses, you will be in position to inform, inspire and impact the world.

Submission Guidelines

Accepting Submissions For: Biblical Studies, Biblical Counseling, Biography, Business, Children, Christian Living, Christian Ministry, Church Planting, Church Development and Growth, Contemporary Issues, Devotionals, Discipleship, Ethics, Evangelism, Family/Parenting, Grief/Dying, Health, Inspirational, Leadership, Marriage, Memoirs, Men's Interest, Missions, Personal Growth, Poetry, Prayer, Recovery, Reference, Singleness, Social Issues, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Theology / Apologetics, Women's Interest, Worship, Youth and Young Adults.

Before Submitting: Make sure that your mansucript is free of errors. We cannnot stress the importance of first impressions. Read through your work and make sure that it has the mark of excellence. To submit your manuscript click the "Ready To Submit" link on this page. Please DO NOT upload your entire manuscript. We only require the first 20 pages of your manuscript for review. Once your manuscript has been uploaded ideally it is our desire to get back to you in 4 weeks, however based on how busy we are it may take up to three months to hear back from us.

Authors submitting to Vine Publishing must be 18 years and older.

  • Include a query letter submitted in the body of the email.
  • In your cover letter feel free to include additional information about the book, including marketing plan, or any artwork you may have available.
  • Manuscript should be labeled FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_SUBMISSION.docx OR .doc.
  • Manuscript must include the first 20 pages.
  • Manuscript must be double-spaced and written in a Times, Times New Roman, Cambria or Georgia font."
  • Font must be 12 points.
  • Manuscript must include page numbers.