Design Services


A professionally designed interior will attract readers and make your book more marketable.

  • We will provide a design that incorporates elements from your book cover.
  • You will receive a print-ready PDF created in Adobe Acrobat Pro using the PDF/X-1a 2001 standard, which is requested or required by most printers and publishers.
  • Payment: Half down and the balance upon completion. Interior book designs are priced per page and the cost is based on the complexity of the design.
  • Cover: Either show us your existing cover or ask about our cover design service. A cover really sets the tone for a book so it must be created first.
  • Files: Send us your text in editable format (MS Word) and any other material like charts or photos in source format wherever possible (Excel, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator).
  • Instructions: Provide any styling input you want to give our designers. This might be an extract from a book you like or a description of the look and feel you want for your material.
  • Trim size: The trim size is the size of the final printed page (book), for example: 6×9, 5×8, etc. We need the trim size in order to make sure to that we have the correct binding margin.
  • Printer: Which printer do you plan on printing with? It is necessary for us to know your selected printer so that we can design according to their specifications.
  • Binding: The binding is the way in which the pages of the book are held together. That is paperback or hardback, sewn or glued.
  • Colorspace: Let us know if you decide to print B&W or color. Designing your book in color can make it look fabulous but keep in mind it may be a lot more expensive to print.
  • ISBN: We need you to provide the 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to be placed on the copyright page.
  • Image: Provide us with your high-resolution image(s) (for which you own the rights)
  • Any Additional Information: Provide any additional information and/or instructions we need to get started with your interior formatting. This may include the desired font/typeface, etc.
  • Review and Collate: We combine all files in sequence and then review the material. This may involve adjusting the front/back matter of the book.
  • Prepare: We will clean the file by removing unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs,etc., and prepare the file for formatting.
  • Layout: In order to create a stylish layout we will set margins, columns, pagination and running headers for your book.
  • Structure: Design a scheme for front matter, parts, chapters and heading levels to ensure the structure and navigation is as clear as possible.
  • Style: Select fonts, add flourishes and design chapter opening pages to set the tone for the author, book genre and target audience.
  • Typeset: Follow best-practice on font size, leading, justification, hyphenation, tracking and kerning to ensure text is perfectly polished and enjoyable to read.
  • Tables: Present all table data in a clear, consistent fashion with styling and shading chosen to complement the overall page design.
  • Images: Style and place images as a matching set for print. This may require Photoshop work on resolution, color, saturation as well as touch-ups, cropping, extensions.
  • References: Apply clear, consistent styling to all footnotes, endnotes.
  • Contents: Include fully dynamic list of contents, figures and tables to make locating material as easy as possible for your reader.
  • Index: Please note that actually creating the list of index terms is not a service we provide.
  • Balance: Set pages to best suit the content, creating squared-off pages at identical heights, avoiding widows/orphans and preventing awkward breaks.
  • PDF: Generate a final book file to all the requirements of your chosen printer (spreads, ink saturation, transparency flattening, font embedding, bleed, crop marks).
PLEASE PROVIDE: Your manuscripts 'total character count with spaces’. Provide additional classification information. For instance is your book fall in the category of a memoir, inspirational, educational, Christian living, self-help, etc.? Does your book include subheadings, lists, quotes, charts, images, etc. or does it include text only?