Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

My daughter is headed off to college. In just seven short days, I have to release my firstborn child to the world. When she started her college search, I took meticulous notes on each school, listing all the pros and cons, trying to assist her in figuring out which would be the best choice for her future.

Ever since she was a little girl, I’ve always worried about her future. As parents, we have such high hopes and dreams for our children. I spent countless hours agonizing over if I made the right decisions about the schools, activities, sports teams/clubs, youth groups, and social circles my daughters were involved in, and how each would impact their future.

I worried and agonized, but eventually I realized that while we have plans for our children, it is God who created each one, and they each have a purpose according to His plans for their lives. And here’s the thing…since we don’t know the details of God’s plans, we have no idea if our choices are helping or hindering His plan.

As parents, it’s important to stay in constant communication with the Creator, the One who trusted us to care for and nurture His special creations—our children.

When we stay connected to God, we can experience life with our children—enjoying each day we are blessed with them while trusting that God’s perfect plan will come to pass in their lives.

How do we know the purpose of anything? It is our job to help our children discover their purpose through their own relationship with God. As parents, we can help them find their path while providing resources and opportunities within our means to help them fulfill that purpose. But, whatever we are unable to do, we can firmly put it in God's hands, being confident that His purpose will prevail in our children’s lives.


Thank you for trusting in me to raise the children you blessed me with. As I stay connected to you, please lead and guide me to make the right choices for their future. Thank you for every plan and purpose that you have for their lives.

In Jesus’ Name,

~Tonya May Avent


Tonya May Avent is the wife of a USA Basketball, FIBA, Semi-Pro and High School Basketball coach and mother to 2 All-American athletes. Sports heavily impact her daily life, and she is a true competitor by nature.

While we have plans for our children, it is God who created each one, and they each have a purpose according to His plans for their lives.







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