Design Services


Industry-standard, professionally designed book covers. Starts at $350

  • Two design concepts to choose from
  • Customized design
  • Set your book apart with an eye-catching design
  • Capture attention


  • Up to 3 revisions within 14 days
  • Two designs to choose from
  • High-resolution JPEG cover image
  • High-resolution print-ready PDF file
  • Includes: front, spine and back design
  • Complimentary mockup image for promotional purposes
  • Time Frame 7 – 14 business days (This timescale is an estimate. This does not include the time you’ll need to review files or request changes).
  • Hardcover – additional $50 w/o dust jacket. $100 additional w/dust jacket
  • Payment:  Half Down to start and the balance before the final design files are transferred to your ownership. Payment received via Square.
  • Your Vision: What is your vision for the cover? We will need your input to design your cover. Describe your vision in words, or send us photos or links to covers that appeal to you, or even sketch out your vision.
  • Image: Graphics are the focal point of the book cover and a great way to catch the readers’ attention. There are two options: Provide us with your high-resolution image (for which you own the rights), or let us find high-quality stock images for you to use in the design (separate cost for images).
  • Trim size: The trim size is the size of the final printed page (book), for example: 6×9, 5×8, etc. The trim size is needed for the accurate calculation of the book cover.
  • Printer: Which printer do you plan on printing with? It is necessary for us to know your selected printer so that we can design according to their specifications.
  • Binding: The binding is the way in which the pages of the book are held together. That is, paperback or hardback, sewn or glued. We will need to know the binding for the cover template.
  • Paper: What kind of paper will you use? Is the color white or cream, and how thick (#, gsm) is it? This is information is required in order to accurately calculate the width of the spine.
  • Pages: What is the final number of pages in the book? We will need this information for the accurate calculation of the width of the spine.
  • ISBN: We need you to provide the 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in order for us to generate a barcode for your back cover.
  • Back copy: Tell us what you want on your back cover. Provide an attention-grabbing synopsis of the book, and provide an author’s bio and/or testimonials (up to 300 words). Please send the highest quality print-ready photo and logo.
  • Any Additional Information: Provide any additional information and/or instructions that would be helpful to us. This may include the desired font/typeface, etc.


Optimized Designs for your E-Book Covers starts at $199

  • Digital version of your previously published print book design
  • If you do not have a print book version, then you will receive two new design concepts to choose from
  • Set your book apart with an eye-catching design
  • Capture attention


  • Up to 3 revisions within 14 days
  • You will receive final cover jpg optimized for inclusion in your ebook.
  • A high-resolution jpg for marketing is included as part of your ebook conversion job.
  • A complimentary mockup image for promotional purposes
  • Payment: Half payment to start and balance before the final design files are transferred to your ownership. Payment received via Square.
  • Print cover: Send us the cover used on your existing print-book cover if you have one. We will adapt the existing design to work in digital format.
  • New design: If you do not have a print book and you plan on publishing only in digital format only, then describe your idea for the cover as well as any imagery you might want to use.
  • Image: Most covers have some sort of graphic as the focal point, and there are a range of options for sourcing this. You may provide us with your own high-quality image (for which you own the rights), or our designers can source suitable stock imagery.
  • Instructions: Tell us anything else we need to know before we get started.
  • Existing design: Where a print-cover exists we re-work this for digital use. This means stronger colors, larger type, bolder designs.
  • New design: Blend color, type, and imagery to set the mood and context perfectly for the size and space of a typical device screen.
  • Layout: Adapt cover for ebook device size, typically width:height ratio of 1:1.6 (4000 pixels x 2500 pixels).
  • Viewing: Ensure ebook cover design, particularly the typography, really works as small-scale (80 pixels x 115 pixels) thumbnail for marketing.
  • Color: Ensure design is produced in RGB color to appear as vibrant on-screen as possible.
  • JPG: Generate 300dpi image to the correct specifications of all major ebook distributors.
  • Optimize: Check final file against the latest specifications of major ebook distributors for maximum file size, resolution, number of pixels.


Get your book cover in both print and ebook formats. Bundle starts at $525

  • Two design concepts to choose from
  • Customized design
  • Set your book apart with an eye-catching design
  • Capture attention


  • All the above-mentioned
PLEASE PROVIDE: Your cover ideas including color, images, layout, feel, etc. Also include the classification of your book: non-fiction, fiction, educational, etc.