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You have been thinking about it long enough. You have been dreaming about it long enough. Now is the time to make your dreams a reality. This is the season to move from vision to fruition. This is the season to see your ideas become visible manifestations. This is the season to live out your purpose and your passion. This is the season to finally write that book!

I do not know where you are in the process. Maybe you have not started writing, or maybe you have actually started the process, but you have not completed your manuscript. Whatever the situation, I can relate and I can help you.

As an author and a publisher, I have the knowledge and expertise to coach you through the writing process. If you do not know where to start, I can guide you from the beginning to the end. If you are stuck, I can help you to get unstuck and complete your manuscript. I am committed to helping you to strengthen and extend your literary branch with excellence.

~ Taneki Dacres

"Taneki is an amazing coach and teacher. She has the ability to hone in quickly on areas that are unclear, helping to provide the framework and logic needed to pull the reader in. She is all about making sure the writer is clear on the Who, What and Why of their book. I appreciate her incredible spiritual and pragmatic insight in seeing the possibilities beyond the raw material at hand. Taneki has truly been my "Midwife" during this process of birthing my book, Waiting in Heels. It’s been a blessing having her as my coach."

Danisha Bailey - Author of the soon-to-be-released book, Waiting In Heels


Literary Midwife

Gently but firmly guiding you through the birth of your literary dreams.

Accountability Partner

Keeping you focused on your writing objectives; helping you to maintain structure and discipline while helping you to overcome the challenges and blocks of writing.

Brainstorming Partner

Helping you to think through your own ideas, and assisting in the formulation and development of your story.

Developmental Editor

Steering you in the right direction by providing constructive and insightful critique, as well as assisting in shaping of the overall content of the book. This may include helping you to find your voice and the form of writing that suits you.

Coaching Plans That Suit You

Whether you are just starting the writing process, or you are in need of a gentle push, we have a package that suits you.