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Church, Family, and Sports shaped her childhood. A true competitor by nature.

As the wife of a USA Basketball, FIBA, Semi-Pro and High School Basketball coach and mother to 2 All-American athletes, sports heavily impact Tonya May Avent’s daily life. 

Tonya started playing sports at the age of 5, participating in Softball, Field Hockey, Basketball, and Track & Field through high school, winning many awards and accolades. A restrictive academic college scholarship ended her competitive play, but she continued to enjoy playing intramurally through adulthood. 

A self-proclaimed “church-kid”, she grew up as a daughter of a minister (now pastor), and accepted Jesus Christ into her heart at the tender age of 6. Raised in stringent Christian household, Tonya attended Christian elementary and junior high schools, along with weekly Sunday School throughout her formidable years. 

Attending church services with her family 5-6 times each week, she heard countless sermons, and read and memorized numerous scriptures. She entered adulthood knowing a myriad of scriptures in her mind, but not always in her heart. 

After serving 8+ years in children, youth, and women’s ministries, Tonya saw a unique dynamic in place. The young people she taught did not have a firm grasp or understanding of the Word of God, or Christianity in general. 

As a parent, Tonya found the same dynamic in her own family. Time dedicated to year-round sports replaced family and devotional time. She realized her children’s knowledge of the Bible and relationship with God needed to be stronger to help them overcome the temptations they’d face during their adolescent years, along with the additional challenges the mental and physical rigor and pressure of sports can place on young athletes. 

After discovering her spiritual gifts of Faith, Knowledge, and Teaching while attending Bible Training school, Tonya understood her purpose was to teach God’s Word in a relevant and applicable way to help others overcome challenges in life, having special insight for sports-focused families raising Christian athletes in a cut-throat world. 

Given her immersion in sports, Tonya knows that a strategy was needed to be successful, no matter what the level of play. She realized that the Word of God was a guide of strategies and direction for Believers to overcome every trial in their lives. 

Tonya started Destined 4 the Dub Ministries, which focuses on ministering the gospel through a sports lens, on the premise of 1 Corinthians 15:57: Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ